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Yeosh and Jon


The late 70s were a strange time. Polyester leisure suits, men with perms, and in a modern American home in Northern Illinois, something special was about to happen to Don and Mary Ruhff: the birth of their daughter, April.

Or so they thought.

It wasn’t until the drive to the hospital that Mary asked Don, “What if it’s a boy?” “We’ll name him Jon” said Don with confidence that such an event would not occur.

“It’s a giant head with legs!” the doctor proclaimed. “It’s also a boy”. In his formative years, Jon learned to make a quick buck. He had the coolest pencil sharpener in all of first grade and would charge kids 65 cents to sharpen their pencils.

With that he got his first glimpse of the business world and like a shark who tasted blood, he was hungry for more.

At the age of 8, he sold stationary door-to-door and upon returning to his loyal customers, enthusiastically charged 2 dollars for a magic show. Quickly discovering the art of the up-sell, this kid was no amateur act.


Meanwhile, a few hundred miles (and a cultural world) away in the pulse of the Miami Latin scene, Isaac and Maria Bendayan were in for a surprise themselves… they were expecting their fifth boy, Yeosh. Eventually, they would come to refer to him as their favorite mistake.

It wasn’t long before others realized how mature he was for his age and even Yeosh knew he was destined for great things.

As a child, he learned to give change before he could even count. The fact that four quarters equaled a dollar seemed to be in his genes. He also began driving at age 2, when he managed to crawl into a running car, put it in reverse and ram it into a house. Not even famous Hollywood starlets make headlines about their reckless driving at that age! In elementary school, he was Captain of the Patrols, lead in the band, Fire Marshall Chief (whatever that means) and, fittingly, made the morning announcements. Man, what a geek.


Fast forward a few (20 something) years to the quaint college town of Gainesville, Florida where these two guys would eventually meet at legendary rock station, Rock104. They were creating award winning audio for local businesses and helping to increase the radio station’s sales numbers.

“The Rogers and Hammerstein of Local Advertising” was one name that quickly began to follow them around. Feeling the need to act quickly before one of them changed their minds, they founded Push Button Productions….an audio production house as quirky as they are.

After Yeosh pleaded to move their office out of his tiny apartment, Jon finally agreed and he had the perfect solution. An old creepy shack in the middle of the woods! If only it was as quaint as the ones you see in those chainsaw horror movies… After a year of befriending snakes, armadillos and a family of deer, they decided it might be time for a change. The guys relocated their growing business to Central Florida.

Yeosh loved the hustle and bustle of the city and Jon loved the idea of being close to all those car auctions Orlando has to offer. When the guys walked in to one of the oldest (and thankfully restored) buildings in Downtown Orlando, they knew they had found their new home.

Currently, Push Button is expanding and growing like the guys had dreamed of when they started their business all those years ago. The dream of becoming one of the best creative audio shops in the country has become a reality. Less than a year after moving in, they expanded to a second floor and created a whole new full music production suite.

Where the future will take them, no one knows. But one thing’s for sure, the guys will always find new and creative ways to build their business. After all, what would you expect from the kid who counted before he could talk or the other who modernized pencil sharpening?