4 Quick Tips On Creative Brainstorming

Here at Push Button, clients come to us for new ideas for radio ads and creative brainstorming is practiced daily. Some days it’s easy and other days…not so much. It’s all about creating an atmosphere that everyone feels comfortable in and breaks them out of their traditional mindset. Here are a couple of ways to keep the ideas coming and the creative juices flowing.

1. It’s All in the Details—or Not Brainstorm alone first. This way, when you enter the group you’ll have ideas to share. To stay creative and generate ideas, look into the specific details and see if you can pull out a theme or story. You can even take a specific fact and make a general statement from it.

2. Word Play Words are very powerful and you can manipulate them in many ways. Think of the words associated with the product or slogan. What’s the definition of a word, its function, its aesthetics, how it’s used, metaphors, perceptions, personality, etc. Use your findings to create drama behind the word and explain why it’s important using context clues.

3. Drawing It Out Some people are very visual and like to tackle a project by sketching out what comes to mind. Having different concepts of visual themes, layouts or subjects is crucial to overall projects. So get your sketch paper and pencil ready!

4. Bringing your ideas together Now is the time to showcase your ideas and listen to different perspectives. One idea leads to another and great results can emerge. It is extremely important to defer all judgment. No matter what the idea is, embrace it. As soon as you’re negative and shoot someone’s creative input down, they will shut down and feel closed off. Quantity is important in group brainstorming because you want as many ideas as possible.

Next time you’re brainstorming remember these tips to ensure a rich array of creative solutions!