6 Factors to Target Millennials on Radio

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93% of millennials listen to 11 hours of radio a week, on average. Here’s how to target them.  
  1. Be real. Millennials know they’re being marketed to and they want transparency and facts. They don’t want fluff. They just want a product that works. Back up your claims and be realistic in your advertising.  In a focus group by NPR, millennials were asked what their favorite ad was. One guy named Garrett said, “The [Lipton] Brisk ads: ‘not half bad.’ Because everybody’s trying to throw it in your face and say, ‘This is the best thing ever, this is great.’ No one just admits, ‘Yeah it’s pretty good you should try it.’
  2. Sell the sizzle, not the steak. Millennials favor experiences over material items. Use your advertising to show them what kind of experience they can look forward to with your product. You may want to go for a soft sell approach over a hard sell. Find a way to get their attention and entertain them first, then speak to them on a personal level. In the same NPR focus group, a guy named James said his favorite ad was “An Ikea commercial, where they just let a bunch of little cats roam around Ikea and make themselves comfortable on the furniture. The end was something like, ‘A place to call home,’ or something about home. I personally just liked it because it wasn’t too loud or in your face. It kind of just stayed quiet. It was subtle. I like subtle.
  3. They’re online. Millennials shop less frequently in stores and more online. With the ease and convenience of technology today, they buy everything from groceries to shoes on the internet. They find which restaurant to go to on Yelp and they pick a hairdresser by using Facebook. Use your call to action to drive them to your website or social media pages instead of giving a phone number or store location.
  4. They love social responsibility. If your brand is doing good in the community, using a portion of profits toward a charitable organization, or is helping the environment, definitely mention that in your advertising. Millennials tend to be more liberal and focused on social and environmental issues, so anything that is eco friendly, socially inclusive and progressive will rub well with them.
  5. Use music. People listen to the radio to hear music, so it’s probably a good idea to include it in your ads. Music is a powerful tool that evokes emotions and establishes your brand’s tone. Millennials are drowning in advertising clutter, and one way to cut through it is to use music. Music helps to make an ad more memorable and personal. You can use music in your ads that millennials like, such as pop and acoustic to appeal to them.
  6. Do something different. Millennials are all about innovation. Why do you think they’re always glued to those Apple products? As stated before, the market surrounding millennials is oversaturated with the same old tactics and cliches. Make your ad stand out by doing something no one else in your market is doing. Maybe make a jingle or include some humor. Make sure your message is creatively and uniquely delivered.
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