Dare to be Different

Push Button Blog

It’s not unusual for a client to contact us – full of excitement and optimism. They’re beginning a new advertising campaign. Great!

Radio will be an important part of the mix. They’d like to incorporate some of that audio into TV spots or YouTube video as well, and maybe into their on-hold messaging or website. Excellent!

They tell us, repeatedly, that they want something funny or clever, something unusual or attention-grabbing, something that really cuts through the clutter. Awesome!

Then, after we work through some different ideas, get their feedback, and edit scripts to prepare for production, we find out that what they really want is… something that sounds like everything else.

How does this happen?

We’ve presented ideas to clients, and had them say, “We really like that, but we don’t want to go too far from our comfort zone” or “That’s really fun and cute, but we could never do that.”

Why not?

If your initial impulse tells you to craft a message that’s entertaining, or one that uses humor, you’re right! Ads like that are more likely to turn passive listening into active listening. And they’re disarming – people are more receptive to messages when they think the delivery is friendly or funny.

Next time you think about creating an advertising message that doesn’t sound like every other advertising message… do it!

Dare to be different.