Digital Radio: A New/Old Friend

digital radio - radio microphones

Advertisers want to meet the eyes and ears of consumers over as many mediums as they know they use. Today’s advertising campaigns often entail buying space on the internet, on television, and radio – but are advertisers wrongfully looping together all forms of radio, including digital radio, into the kind that exists only during our daily commutes?

Years ago, radio was just that: radio.

Good ole’ terrestrial radio. An advertiser would produce a spot, send it out over the airwaves and reap the rewards. Today, digital radio is massively popular, particularly among young people. While fundamentally the same, digital radio has its stark differences to its broadcast counterpart.

Now that radio has multiplied into other forms, many are left wondering: should my company’s digital radio and traditional radio campaigns be the same?

Many companies enter the brainstorming process unsure of whether their television and online ads should be as similar as possible or dare to be different. You may be looking to hit different demographics with each medium. You may be looking to highlight many different things in the same campaign. To some, it may seem that different issues beg equally different solutions; however, consistency is key in your campaign.

Make Your Brand Recognizable with Digital Radio

The more consistent and similar your advertisements are across mediums, the more instantly recognizable each ad will be as belonging to your brand. While some differences among ads of different mediums can be helpful, if not inevitable, it’s important to maintain the same ideas and perhaps some key phrases between the ads.

For example, we know that the audience for digital radio is younger than that of terrestrial radio. Digital radio has an enormous reach in a demographic that other mediums haven’t even considered: Generation Z, today’s teenagers. While terrestrial radio is popular among all age groups, it would make sense to alter your ad campaign to suit a younger audience when crafting it for digital radio. You may want to change some things about the creative execution of this new digital radio ad, but not its key ideas. No matter how or where your potential customer is listening to your ad, they should recognize it as yours.

Digital radio is an exciting new platform, but it’s not a brand new concept. Just like when crafting a campaign for radio and television, internet, or any other paired medium, similar and consistent wins the race.