Investing In Radio Advertising with a Limited Budget

Push Button Blog

Radio advertising has the power to increase profits and raise brand awareness, but for small to mid-sized companies, it can be hard to compete with the bigger fish for time on the airwaves. However, for a smart business, there is some hope. J. T. Hroncich, managing director and principal of Capitol Media Solutions, says, “Negotiation is key. You have to go in and negotiate what you want.” He goes on to say, “There’s a lot more to it than placing a simple print ad. You have to look at the target audience you’re looking to reach, the size of your budget and the ratings of the stations you are interested in purchasing.”

Here are some simple tips to secure the best affordable radio advertising:

  • Short ads: it makes sense that the amount you’ll be charged for the ad is the time it takes to air the ad. So create ads that can deliver your message in the minimum amount of time possible.
  • Fringe days/times: select the specific times of the week where the competition for ads is at its lowest. It will be easier to negotiate a fair price during these specific times.
  • On-air features: these are the type of ads where your company will be named as the sponsor of that segment or show. You do not typically have to pay a premium for these ads and can help your company stand out if you are sponsoring a popular segment.

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