The “Jingle Strategy”

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What you don’t see behind the creation of every advertisement is the strategy. Good or bad, a well thought out strategy will define the success of an ad.

But we don’t create just any kind of ad; we create audio. And we’re good at it, too. So we can say with certainty that our favorite type of advertisement is the classic radio jingle. Despite changing technology, culture and the momentous switch to social media, a classic radio jingle has proved successful in this fast-paced informational world. So to share a piece or success, we’re here to describe a near-perfect “jingle strategy” and how you can use it in your audio.

Do Your Research (aka “What and Why”)

Listen to these jingles:


What made these jingles so special? Why do you think they were so successful? Sure a catchy tune is important but that didn’t just come out of thin air, you need to know what you’re putting into your music and why. What and why are two questions you need to keep asking yourself. People will be listening, and we can assure you they can measure the amount of effort that was put into your research.

What is the new $5 sandwich deal? Why do I want them to eat it at lunch instead of dinner?

What is sex wax? Why is it important for surfers? What happens if they don’t use it? Why is it important to make it the first line versus the second?

People aren’t dumb. People have so few moments to themselves and they want to be entertained. So do your research. Ask what and why. Or face the dreaded hand that changes the station.

Find Your Brand, Find Your Voice

This is one is pretty obvious but more overlooked than you might think. If you did step one correctly, you know through and through what you’re writing about and why it needs to sound a certain way. Answering these questions will explain why a surf shop should remind you of a Bill and Ted movie, or why a slow ballad will sell the idea of a romantic getaway cruise a lot better than quick-beating Caribbean drums. But don’t trash all of your island-themed audio just yet, we meant that the Caribbean drums are best used for family cruises, more adventurous, less rose petals on a bed sort of thing.

Write the Damn Song

Lyrics are essential, they’re what get stuck in your head as you go to bed. The music is the base, it’s what you hum carrying your groceries to your car. Don’t rely on one or the other, keep them balanced. Decide on a length, write your music first using your research and your brand’s voice. Then create an actual voice by writing effective and clear language. We’re talking about a radio ad or the 5 to 30 seconds before a YouTube video starts, you aren’t in the business of being visually appealing and something they’re going to want to go back to time and time again (unless you can make something super funny in that case go for it). You’re creating memorable audio, something they’ll recognize when they hear it again, so it hopefully gets caught in their head and will create brand recognition for your product when the time comes that they need a quick lunch or want to try the new Korean BBQ joint.

Ask for Help

Hopefully, our advice has brought you some clarity into creating the perfect “jingle strategy” and brings you one step closer to creating the perfect jingle.

We understand that not everyone is a jingle-writing pro. It takes a lot of research, talent, and experience to turn an otherwise generic-sounding tune into a fine-crafted piece of audio that will be associated with your brand forever.

However, we are jingle-writing pros. So if you’re interested in a jingle, don’t hesitate to call us at 888-494-7874 (PUSH) you want to see the difference between a good jingle and a bad one, download our special report 8 Reasons Why Most Jingles Suck.