Why Music is an Effective Millennial Marketing Tool

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Headphones silhouette against On-Air sign symbolising a podcast broadcast.

According to PTTOW, millennials make up 25% of the U.S. population (77 million people), and their economic spending power is nearly 1.3 trillion dollars. Mashable, a global media company has stated that the one thing that many people don’t understand is in order to sell millennials on a product, concept or service, marketing works best when connecting with them on an emotional level. Over the past decade, one of the most successful tactics used to connect with this demographic has been music.

Music is a way millennials can interact socially and connect with one another on deeper, more exciting levels. A partner at Warner Brother Records has even stated that “music used in advertising and marketing can help to ensure connections whether it’s through the use of a particular artist, set of lyrics…” and that “music and the artists who make it are integral to helping connect brands to consumers”.

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