Original Music, Ninjas, and YOU!

Push Button Blog

In the advertisement drenched world of today, it is increasingly difficult to influence buyers. If people sense they are being sold something, they shut down. So how can brands advertise effectively, without really ‘advertising’? One way to burrow into a consumer’s subconscious is to employ the powerful use of music to affect their mood.

A few years ago, a study was conducted involving different styles of music being played in a supermarket. The results were freaking awesome! When French music was played in the store, 77% of the wine purchased was French. When German music filled the air, 73% of wine purchased was German. Decision-making was drastically altered simply by the music being played. What’s even more amazing is that customers didn’t notice or believe that music was influencing them. Only 1 out of 44 customers spontaneously mentioned music as a reason for their purchase. When asked specifically about the music influencing them, 83% of customers said that music had no effect on their decision.

For advertisers, music is the back door into consumers’ minds. As music is being heard, it evokes emotions and memories that seemingly materialize in the buyer’s head. It is these emotions and memories that inform their decision. Using subtle advertising in music, consumers never see the ad coming and can’t shut it out. Simply put, music is the ninja assassin of advertisements.

And who doesn’t love a ninja. Nobody. That’s who.

You might be wondering, “how can my company employ these ninja assassin secrets!?”

This is not a simple task. Everyone can’t just play German oompah music and expect sales to skyrocket. More realistically, companies need to find music that echoes their brand message; a song that conjures the “feel of the brand.” Again, not an easy task, but there are professionals whose job it is to craft the perfect song for your brand. By creating custom music you can tweak musical elements until it evokes the set of emotions that your brand represents. As we learned from our wine buyers, the right emotional response often times means a sale.