Is Radio Actually Effective?

Push Button Blog

According to Arbitron, radio reaches 241 million people in the US each week. That’s 93% of the population twelve and older. Obviously, you don’t want to reach all those people. But, by choosing the right radio stations, and the right days and times to advertise, you can really pinpoint your target market.

Does your company have an identity? A brand? Can you explain it in a few sentences? Let’s put it another way; if someone gave you thirty seconds to stand in front of thousands of people and explain why you’re the best at what you do or offer, what would you say? If you don’t know the answer, or haven’t thought about it in those terms, you should. Once you do, you will understand the power of radio to help you tell your story, and build your brand.

Radio even makes your other advertising more effective. According to research compiled by the Radio Advertising Bureau, “When used synergistically with other media, it increases brand awareness, brand recall, and an advertiser’s return on investment.” Radio advertising can increase brand recall by 34% when used in conjunction with television advertising, as compared to television advertising alone. Radio advertising, along with print advertising, made branding three times more successful than newspaper and other print media alone.

Even with all the modern contraptions and distractions, there is still nothing is as strong and effective as the familiarity and comfort of the human voice.

Building your brand requires repetition and consistency. There are multiple opportunities to create impressions on your customers or potential customers during various interactions, not just in your traditional advertising. What about podcasts on your website for to educate your target market? Potential buyers not only view you as a resource – a place to find valuable information – but they spend more time on your site with your logo in front of their eyes. What about your on-hold messaging? Your online video content? By incorporating some of the same elements of sound you’ve used on radio or television – familiar music and voices – you can continue to reinforce your brand during every phase of client interaction.