Five Reasons it’s time for an Audio Re-Brand

Identifying when it’s time to overhaul your audio brand can be tricky. It’s not something you’ll want to do very often, but when your audio becomes disjointed, or no longer reflects the core personality of the brand image you’re trying to portray, it may be time to consider a refresh.

So here are five reasons why it may be time to re-brand your audio:

1) Your audio no longer matches your visual brand.

Brands change over time, and can become edgier, or more conservative. If it’s been a while since you’ve thought about your brand’s voice, you should have another listen. Does it still resonate with your core demographic?

2) Your demographic has shifted

Target demographics can shift from time to time with the introduction of new products, services, or locations. Or perhaps your client base was once very young but has now grown up. The style of writing and production should shift to be in line with your demographic. If your ads can’t speak to their perspective, they will eventually become indifferent to your brand.

3) Your brands music is starting to sound dated

There’s nothing worse than dated sounding music on an ad. Well, maybe Ebola. Okay, Ebola first, then dated sounding music in an ad. This can send subtle cues to your demographic that your brand isn’t relevant and is struggling to keep up. A fresh face-lift for your music can be an easy way to give you a whole new brand personality.

4) You sound too much like the competition

This one should be obvious – if your brands overall sound is similar in tone to many of the others in your industry, it’s time to shake things up. The worst part about this infraction is that you could actually be reinforcing the branding efforts of your competition if many others perceive your advertising to be essentially the same.

5) You never had a true audio brand to begin with

Whether or not you intended on creating an audio brand, by putting radio ads, online videos, tv spots, etc. out into the advertising ether, you have unintentionally created one. Now however, you’re faced with the reality that none of your content really sounds the same. If this is the case with you, it’s definitely time for a re-boot on your audio. There are three elements you should focus on to keep things in-line. Consistency of writing style and tone, consistency of music, and consistency of voice. When those three elements are working in concert, you’ll be well on your way to creating an audio brand worth remembering.