Streaming Media May Be More Lucrative Than AM/FM Radio for Advertisers

Push Button Blog

A new study reveals that you should spend your next advertising dollars on streaming media as opposed to AM/FM radio. While traditional radio advertising still is effective it’s not optimal. Casual radio listeners switch between stations as the ads come on and are often tuned out from them. Studies estimate that as many as 70% of listeners do not pay attention to the ads on AM/FM radio. Not an ideal situation for companies spending their hard earned money looking to get a return on that investment.

On the other hand, streaming media has a targeted audience that’s much more engaged with the thing they are listening to. For example, the team at Pandora says, “Personalized audio in a low-clutter environment simply results in more driver attention”. Furthermore, ads with streaming media can be better matched to target the audience. Whereas traditional radio ads are repetitive, and while there is some targeting it is not as powerful as what’s possible with streaming media.

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