Choosing the Right Music Genre for Your Radio Jingle

The thought of radio jingles may conjure up a very specific sound in your brain – a dated, peppy, “I’d like to give the world a Coke” sound from yesteryear. If that’s the case, I have some great news for you: your radio jingles don’t have to sound anything like that in 2017. You’ve got a million options, so what should your modern jingle sound like? Picking the best music genre for your radio jingles is an important process, and here’s what you need to know to get the best end product. The Production Process Producers of television commercials know that hours of thought and research go into deciding each visual detail, from the social connotations tied to the outfits of the actors to the color psychology of the background imagery.Read More

Is Professional Production Worth the Money?

Not all ads are created equal. You see this on your way to work, listening to the radio—some of the commercials you hear are great advertisements, capturing your attention and entertaining you as you curse whoever just cut you off. The rest of them tend to run together as ambient noise between blocks of music. The average commute to work takes 26 minutes each way: that’s nearly an hour of a potential customer’s day. You can fill that radio space with ho-hum advertising, or you can create something that stands out.

It may be tempting to take the cheapest option and get an ad through a radio station with a small price tag.

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Looking at the Best Radio Trends of 2017

2017 has been a great year for radio and radio lovers alike.  With new ways that stations and advertisers can communicate with their consumers, the radio industry is at an all-time high. There have been many radio trends in 2017 that we loved and we wanted to share some of our top picks.  These radio trends are what people are listening to, how they are listening to it, and some factors on how things can affect the content we listen to. Let’s start with the facts.  Radio still reaches more people than any other medium according to Nielsen; 93% of American adults to be exact. Read More

Why You Need A Media Strategist For Radio Ads

Tailored Content Okay, so you’ve been radio advertising for a while now and a few radio ads go on the air and they’re all fine and dandy but…you didn’t get the results you wanted.  Why is that? Maybe the content wasn’t tailored to your target audience, or maybe the people listening weren’t who you should be going after.   Did your ad for the hottest new toy reach the local children and also appeal to their moms? Is it a better choice to use dance music rather than grunge rock for your happy hour at the bar ad? How are you going to advertise to married women about a brand new shampoo?Read More

The Past, Present and Future: Internet Radio

It could be a better idea to place your ads on internet radio rather than broadcast. Here’s a bit of background on Internet radio for those history buffs out there. Carl Malamud was the very first person to broadcast his station through the web in 1993. On his show, simply titled Internet Talk Radio, he would interview computer experts about the Internet and the newest technology at the time. A year later, The Rolling Stones would host the first multicast concert through the web–a major milestone in Internet radio! dives into more detail about the history of Internet radio if you crave more internet radio history.Read More

Don’t Worry, Be Happy – And Listen to Radio

There’s about a million different ways you can listen to music today. Many of them sit in the palm of your hand. With the world’s library of music so readily accessible, why do we still listen to radio music? The unexpected but true answer: it makes us happier.   Some people question why we still cling to radio (broadcast or digital) when the era of completely “on-demand” music is upon us (think YouTube Red). Traditional radio on paper seems to be lacking; the user has no power to pinpoint the exact music played. Listeners tune in to stations that may overplay songs and never touch their absolute favorites.Read More

Should You Be Advertising on Digital Radio?


Okay, we’ll explain. Two of the top five most popular apps are used for streaming music. People in America now spend more of their time using their smartphone than their TV. Just over half of Americans ages 12 and up listened to internet radio in the past month.

So there’s the facts—here’s how it can work for you.


The digital data that’s collected from people is amazing. The internet knows which Ikea couch you like, which food you looked up the calorie count of, and which car you were fantasizing about but won’t ever buy.

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6 Factors to Target Millennials on Radio

93% of millennials listen to 11 hours of radio a week, on average. Here’s how to target them.  
  1. Be real. Millennials know they’re being marketed to and they want transparency and facts. They don’t want fluff. They just want a product that works. Back up your claims and be realistic in your advertising.  In a focus group by NPR, millennials were asked what their favorite ad was. One guy named Garrett said, “The [Lipton] Brisk ads: ‘not half bad.’ Because everybody’s trying to throw it in your face and say, ‘This is the best thing ever, this is great.’ No one just admits, ‘Yeah it’s pretty good you should try it.’
  2. Sell the sizzle, not the steak.
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Digital Radio: A New/Old Friend

Advertisers want to meet the eyes and ears of consumers over as many mediums as they know they use. Today’s advertising campaigns often entail buying space on the internet, on television, and radio – but are advertisers wrongfully looping together all forms of radio, including digital radio, into the kind that exists only during our daily commutes?

Years ago, radio was just that: radio.

Good ole’ terrestrial radio. An advertiser would produce a spot, send it out over the airwaves and reap the rewards. Today, digital radio is massively popular, particularly among young people. While fundamentally the same, digital radio has its stark differences to its broadcast counterpart.

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Yes, We Can Help You With TV Spots!

It’s no secret that we’ve been creating great audio for over ten years. When companies want quality radio advertising, they come to us; they know that Push Button will deliver a product that sounds great and sells even better. However, creative audio doesn’t just begin and end with radio. We’ll preach the power of radio all day, but we know that sometimes the sum of a TV ad’s elements is greater than its individual audio and visual parts. Push Button can help your TV spot realize its full potential with crisp, clear audio.

If you’re here, you’re probably one of two people: you’re already producing TV content that needs professional audio to really pop, or you’re totally at square one in the game of TV advertising.

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