People’s brains were analyzed while they listened to radio ads. Here’s what happened.

Neurensics neuromarketing research conducted the first study in marketing history that assesses how radio ads affect the brain. Neurensics used fMRI technology to scan the brains of 25 unknowing males while they listened to radio ads (they thought they were actually participating in a study about language proficiency).

Finding 1: Passive listening trumps active listening.

Good news for radio, which is known as a “background medium.” People often listen to the radio passively while cleaning, driving, working, etc. This has caused some concern for those who wonder if their ad will truly be heard. But here’s why passive listening is a good thing: while you are listening passively, your “ad guard” is down, resulting in greater trust and a higher perceived reward/expectation from the brand.

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The 9 Best Holiday Jingles of All-Time

When you’re in the jingle-making business like us, you really appreciate the holidays because it’s the only season of the year that has it’s own never ending Pandora station. There’s radio stations that only play holiday music 24/7 for 3 months. You hear “Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town” on your parent’s record player. Jingle bells dominate TV commercials. You even hear Christmas classics on the grocery store speaker system while picking up some egg nog. Mmm, egg nog.

Luckily, we enjoy a good holiday jingle. There’s a million to choose from, but we narrowed our list down to our favorite 9 holiday jingles.

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Digital Radio Technology Gives Birth to High-End Radio Ads

Radio technology has come a long way and gone are the days when you needed to use FM or long aerials to catch a good signal so you can hear the broadcast clearly. Nowadays, radio stations broadcast digitally and it has increased the quality of the broadcasts. Most radio stations are now accessible via the Internet allowing multitudes of people from different locations to tune in and enjoy their favorite programs.

Such improvements in broadcasts and accessibility of radio stations have seen considerable increases in listeners, particularly those tuning in digitally and via the Internet. Because of these digital developments, radio ads have become a hit and radio ads production companies like Push Button Productions have taken the center stage.

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Political Media Buying is on the Decrease

The Wall Street Journal reports that since 2012 network TV political advertising has decreased. A top ad tracking agency, Kantar Media, predicts that for the year 2016 the total spend will be $2.8 billion. However, this isn’t the complete picture as cable and satellite outlets are not included in this figure. The spend for this year’s political campaigns will be $300 million less than that of the presidential campaigns of 2012.

A large part of the decrease is due to the lack of advertising spend that presidential candidate Donald Trump is responsible for when compared to candidates of the past.

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The Sound Heard Around the World

The Nokia ringtone. Otherwise known as the most identifiable audio brand tune on planet Earth. How did it gain so much awareness?

Audrey Arbeeny, founder of New York’s audio branding firm Audiobrain, states that she has never had anyone unable to identify the Nokia ringtone. At the peak of Nokia’s popularity in the ‘90s, the tune was heard nearly 1.8 billion times a day—and it’s still heard 20,000 times every second today.

Where did the tune come from? It is actually a snippet of a waltz piece, “Gran Vals” by Francisco Tarrega. It was used as a backtrack for a television spot for Nokia in 1992, and then part of it was chosen to become the ringtone.

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Why Radio Advertising is Still Relevant Today

You might think that radio is a technology of the past, but if you own a business then you should seriously consider advertising on radio. Here are some of the top reasons why this is still an excellent marketing tactic:

  • Radio stations need you: A radio station will work with you and not against you. If you suggest some new ways of incorporating ads into their shows they are likely to listen because most radio stations rely on advertising money to keep afloat, so they are definitely more willing to listen.
  • Cheaper advertising: There is some competition for radio advertising, but not on the same level in comparison with TV, the internet, or public spaces.
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Investing In Radio Advertising with a Limited Budget

Radio advertising has the power to increase profits and raise brand awareness, but for small to mid-sized companies, it can be hard to compete with the bigger fish for time on the airwaves. However, for a smart business, there is some hope. J. T. Hroncich, managing director and principal of Capitol Media Solutions, says, “Negotiation is key. You have to go in and negotiate what you want.” He goes on to say, “There’s a lot more to it than placing a simple print ad. You have to look at the target audience you’re looking to reach, the size of your budget and the ratings of the stations you are interested in purchasing.”

Here are some simple tips to secure the best affordable radio advertising:

  • Short ads: it makes sense that the amount you’ll be charged for the ad is the time it takes to air the ad.
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Building a Brand without Giving Everything Away For Free

Interested in building a brand that customers can trust, but don’t want to share too much? Here are a few tips on how to strike the right balance:

• Emotional connection: don’t focus only on giving away information to your potential customers. Also give some thought to creating an emotional connection via storytelling, or perhaps sharing your own personal reasons for getting into the business.

• Don’t fear giving away too much: you should not sit around worrying all day about how much information you are giving away. Give info naturally so that potential customers can begin to trust you and the sales will flood in shortly afterwards.

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The Siren Awards Best Radio Ad of 2016 Finalists Are Announced

Production studios, ad agencies, and radio stations are battling it out in the hopes of capturing a Gold Siren. The brands that have made it to the finals include Nandos, Sportsbet, Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, Jeep, Maltesers, and Aldi.

The winner of the Gold Siren gets a trip to the Cannes Radio Lions in June, and they’ll get to bring the client behind the campaign too. Not a bad way to strengthen the advertiser-client relationship. There are also Silver Sirens to be won relating to 3 different categories: craft, campaign, and single.

Joan Warner, Chief executive officer of Commercial Radio Australia, explains, “It’s the 12th year of the Siren Awards and entries this year have been outstanding.

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Sound is language, learn to speak it!

The tune of the ice cream truck. The sound of church bells. The Apple iPhone ringtone. We hear certain sounds and associate them with brands, memories and feelings.

Your brand may have a visual presence with a logo and color scheme, but does it have an equally strong audio presence? In today’s saturated market, brands need to differentiate–audio branding is a tool you can use to strengthen your brand identity and awareness among consumers.

Humans are highly visual, but sound is much more powerful. A visual doesn’t ring in the mind of the consumer, stuck in his head for days, like a well composed jingle can.

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