Streaming Media May Be More Lucrative Than AM/FM Radio for Advertisers

A new study reveals that you should spend your next advertising dollars on streaming media as opposed to AM/FM radio. While traditional radio advertising still is effective it’s not optimal. Casual radio listeners switch between stations as the ads come on and are often tuned out from them. Studies estimate that as many as 70% of listeners do not pay attention to the ads on AM/FM radio. Not an ideal situation for companies spending their hard earned money looking to get a return on that investment.

On the other hand, streaming media has a targeted audience that’s much more engaged with the thing they are listening to.

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How YouTube is playing a Large Role in 2016 Presidential Election

The first time YouTube has had an impact on an American presidential election was back in 2008, Sarah Palin’s “Obama girl” sound bites. Last January 3 of the top 10 most watched YouTube ads were political ads designed to help boost campaign support. The amount of eyes watching those ads were millions more than any other ad that corporate America has ever created. The consensus is that political advertisement on YouTube is a game-changer; it is a powerful marketing tool that cannot be ignored by a serious contender.

With over 1 billion viewers, YouTube has grown so incredibly large that no single TV network can match its reach.

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A Complaint Against a Thirsty Camel Radio Ad Victimizing Supermodels is Upheld by Advertising Watchdogs

Thirsty Camel ran a radio ad that went like this: “They say there’s no such thing as a free lunch. Not true. Because right now, at Thirsty Camel, we’re giving away a gourmet supermodel’s lunch. That is, a refreshingly free bottle of water”.

The bottleshop chain behind this ad is effectively making fun of the light diets that supermodels have, and hit a sore spot for one of many listeners. The complaint that was sent read: “Disordered eating should not be prompted, mocked or taken lightly, it deeply affects many people’s life”.

Once the Advertising Standards Board received the complaint they agreed with it and the ad in question had to be pulled from the airwaves.

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Inside the Political Ad War You Probably Haven’t Heard About:

Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump, recently released a new ad in preparation for the first primary election, the Iowa Caucus, but like most campaign radio ads, you most likely won’t hear it. Radio ads, a less expensive alternative to television advertising, allow presidential candidates to reach very specific audiences by essentially targeting the small location they hope to target. Most importantly, they allow campaigns to keep other audiences from hearing these specific messages. These radio ads tend to be more controversial and directed to the exact group of people that would benefit from hearing these messages. These are the kind of ads that, if they were to get broader coverage, they may spark backlash from the majority of the public.

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Radio Advertising Up 24% in November

If you think radio advertising is dead, you are mistaken. According to Standard Media Index, radio revenue was up 24% in November compared to one year ago. Standard Media Index has stated that the entire advertising market had a great November growing by more than 23%.

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Best Holiday Jingles

Anytime you turn on the TV this time of year you are bound to see and hear a holiday advertisement. Some of these ads are so thought out well written there is no wonder they are constantly stuck in our heads! What were some of the most memorable ads from last year’s holiday season? Check them out below:

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Why Music is an Effective Millennial Marketing Tool

According to PTTOW, millennials make up 25% of the U.S. population (77 million people), and their economic spending power is nearly 1.3 trillion dollars. Mashable, a global media company has stated that the one thing that many people don’t understand is in order to sell millennials on a product, concept or service, marketing works best when connecting with them on an emotional level. Over the past decade, one of the most successful tactics used to connect with this demographic has been music.

Music is a way millennials can interact socially and connect with one another on deeper, more exciting levels.

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Does Your Brand Need A Little Oomph?

In today’s day and age brands are doing whatever it takes to stay ahead of the curve and to wipe out their competition. With numerous brands competing for the number one spot on many people’s lists, having that special something that sets them apart from their competitors is a huge deal. In fact, many studies have been made on what advertisers are doing to retain their audience’s attention. It is important to hook your audience early on, and keep them engaged. How exactly can this be done? According to a recent study, it is important to follow these steps:

Hook Listeners Early On:

Start your jingle or creative ad with a hook.

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Dare to be Different

It’s not unusual for a client to contact us – full of excitement and optimism. They’re beginning a new advertising campaign. Great!

Radio will be an important part of the mix. They’d like to incorporate some of that audio into TV spots or YouTube video as well, and maybe into their on-hold messaging or website. Excellent!

They tell us, repeatedly, that they want something funny or clever, something unusual or attention-grabbing, something that really cuts through the clutter. Awesome!

Then, after we work through some different ideas, get their feedback, and edit scripts to prepare for production, we find out that what they really want is… something that sounds like everything else.

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Using the Power of the Human Voice

At some point or another in an ancient history class, we’ve all pictured someone chiseling primitive symbols into a rock tablet or scratching words on papyrus. But humans learned to speak long before they learned to write. Writing only developed as a way to capture and preserve what had already been said. And even the greatest writers know that the written word can’t communicate the many subtleties contained in spoken language. Maya Angelou said, “Words mean more than what is set down on paper. It takes the human voice to infuse them with deeper meaning.”

Do you ever stop to think about the power of the human voice?

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