Challenge: Can music tell a story? Absolutely! Our challenge with this production from Sapporo was to use music and sound effect elements to carry the narrative. It had to be engaging, dynamic, and offer an Asian flair to showcase the vibe and personality of the brand. By the way, if you haven’t tried Sapporo beer, you need to. It’s absolutely delicious. You can find it at breweries and Asian restaurants, but we digress…

Solution: Isn’t the solution to every problem beer? We cracked open a few Sapporos and got to work on this audio with a funky flair.

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Challenge: Science class sure has come a long way since we played with chemistry sets and dissected frogs. And now that Pluto’s not a planet anymore, anything is possible! The Center for the Advancement of Science in Space (CASIS) is helping prepare the next generation for exciting careers in STEM fields. They teamed up with PGA of America and Cobra Puma Golf to reach out to kids interested in sports, and show them how cool math and science careers can be. Our task was to develop the audio and sound design in this video aimed at attracting donors for their ambitious project.

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Precision Garage Doors

Challenge: All kinds of stuff can go wrong with your garage doors. They can get stuck, or the motor can go out, or they can open a gateway to a parallel universe. Whatever the problem, Precision Garage Doors are the folks to call—and of course they needed a jingle to let everyone know it. They were looking for something with broad appeal that was both upbeat and fun. They pride themselves on their attention to detail and quality customer service, and they wanted the jingle to reflect that.

Solution: When America’s #1 local garage door company came through our doors, we got ready to raise the roof with a jingle they—and you—won’t forget.

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Challenge: JazzyBird is a distinctly New Orleans coffee company with a unique taste and strong following. With the rollout of their new microwaveable coffee, they asked Push Button to develop an audio logo that would capture the essence of their coffee.

Solution: New Orleans has a strong culture and music all it’s own. We developed a sound that captured the NOLA vibe and paired it with a vocal that’s energetic and fresh – just like the kick you get from starting your day with a hot cup of Jazzybird coffee!

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Challenge: As part of an overall audio branding initiative, Enviro-tech tasked us with building an audio logo that would instantly identify their commercials. Our mission was to create an audio logo that communicated their benefits and matched their visual brand.

Solution: Enviro-tech is all about using natural and earth-friendly solutions to deal with pesky problems around the house, like bed bugs and dirty ducts. To mirror their brand promise to be environmentally conscious, we used a stripped down production style and instruments that are more “organic” like acoustic guitars. Then, we paired it with a gentle vocal and unique 4-note sequence for a memorable audio logo.

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Challenge: Exults delivers excellent results as a digital marketing firm, but their on-hold left something to be desired. The Exults team tasked us with developing an on-hold experience that elevated their brand, cross-sold their products, and also gave callers a reason to remember the Exults name above any other competitors they called.

Solution: Push Button’s creative writing team to the rescue! We created a series of radio “programs” you might hear on any radio dial, but with an ‘Exults’ edge. From your favorite call-in love/relationship show, to a sports talk show, and even an over-the-top game show, this lineup is one that Exults callers definitely won’t forget.

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Challenge: The average person spends around 13 hours on hold every year. That’s a boat-load of time that could be better spent knitting a nice sweater or counting the number of ceiling tiles in your office. Our friends at EVOK advertising tasked us with making an on-hold experience their clients wouldn’t forget.

Solution: We all know what it’s like to be put on-hold with a terrible radio station playing the latest hits from 1985. We wondered what a station would sound like if songs were custom-created for EVOK – so that’s what we made. We wrote and produced four songs that would not only entertain listeners, but also fill them in on EVOK’s unique benefits and services.

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Challenge: ‘Fore’ nearly a century, Lamkin has made quality golf grips. And when they wanted quality radio ads, they called us. Their grips are used by tour professionals and avid golfers the world over to play a stronger, more confident game. Now, they’re ready to further market penetration by targeting golf enthusiasts through select programming on SirusXM. When you have a great product with more benefits than you can list in 30 seconds, how can you message well to consumers?

Solution: We worked with Lamkin to tee-up a messaging strategy targeted to their high-end consumers. We focused on product specific features and highlighted the benefits to the end user’s game.

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Ron Jon

Challenge: Everyone’s favorite heritage beach brand (especially if you grew up in Florida) wanted something better than a stock music track for their TV spots. Ron Jon was looking for some rockin’ beach bum jams for their TV audio. They wanted to express that Ron Jon is a brand focused on playing beach volleyball with friends, digging your toes in the sand and soaking up vitamin D. They had a piece of stock music they kinda sorta liked, but it needed something more.

Solution: We cranked up the surf wagon, put our wayfarers on and cruised to the beach.

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Chocolate Pen

Challenge: A pen that writes in chocolate? From now on, this is all we’ll use at the office. This magical and delicious kid’s toy dispenses liquid chocolate that hardens at room temperature, allowing you to draw shapes and literally eat your words. When they came to us for audio branding, they were looking for a fun pop sound with catchy lyrics for a television spot.

Solution: Channeling our inner Katy Perry pop diva selves, we composed custom music and lyrics that would appeal to a younger, female demographic. We kept the lyrics simple and repetitive, driving home the message that drawing things can be chocolatey fun.

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