Custom Production

Creating a radio ad that cuts through the clutter and gets noticed is both a science and an art. There isn’t one specific way to get it done. There are, however, common elements that create the perfect balance for an ad that sticks. Writers who have years of experience and know how to script effectively, professional actors with flexible voices, and producers who go the extra mile to get the ad just right, are all key. Combine this with our ability to create a streamlined audio brand across multiple mediums and you’ll begin to see the real Push Button difference – an ad that stands apart and is, above all, effective. Push Button’s radio spots have been recognized internationally by the industry’s best. Our ads focus a listener’s attention right where you want it and the production makes it pop. It’s why Google hand-selected us to be among the first audio partners on their Ad Marketplace.

Custom Productions Include:

  • A creative brief session
  • Concept and script development
  • Talent casting and coordinating
  • Up to 3 voice talents
  • Music and sound effects licensing
  • Studio time, and post-production work
  • Production delivery to you or stations in desired formats