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A pen that writes in chocolate? From now on, this is all we’ll use at the office. This magical and delicious kid’s toy dispenses liquid chocolate that hardens at room temperature, allowing you to draw shapes and literally eat your words.

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Subway was looking for a fun way to promote their new meals of the day into a short and memorable jingle in just 15 seconds. They wanted to infuse the piece with elements of the classic “Happy Days” theme, but with a modern twist.

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Budget Blinds is a nationally franchised chain of custom window treatment providers that delivers directly to your home. Their agency, Hot Dish Advertising, came to us looking for a jingle that displayed the brand’s core values of quality, service, and efficiency.

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Everyone’s favorite heritage beach brand (especially if you grew up in Florida) wanted something better than a stock music track for their TV spots. Ron Jon was looking for some rockin’ beach bum jams for their TV audio.

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All kinds of stuff can go wrong with your garage doors. They can get stuck, or the motor can go out, or they can open a gateway to a parallel universe.

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HuHot, a national chain of hibachi restaurants, was rebranding and looking to unify their advertising elements. Part of this included developing music that would suit their brand of fun and irreverence.

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Push Button Jingle Packages

Jingles Jr. Jingles

License Free compositions with custom lyric and vocals.

Business Bundle Business Bundle

Original music compositions with market and industry-exclusive licensing.

Original Production Original Production

Custom music, lyrics, and melody with a worldwide buyout.

Audio Logos Audio Logos

Brand your company with a unique audio logo signature.

Our Process Is Simple

Our Process
Creative Brief The Creative Brief

We hold a creative briefing with our team and yours so we can ask questions, talk about your brand, demographics, calls to action, etc.

Music Search The Music Search

Nothing gets the brain jogging like hearing some samples. We search for music based on the initial call with you and deliver around ten samples. Everyone naturally has a different opinion about the direction that the music will go. The hardest part about getting the right sound is making sure we all come to an agreement on what the end product might sound like.

Music Creation Music Creation

Using the information we gathered in the first two steps, we begin to create the brand music/jingle. You can have as much (or as little) creative control in the process as you’d like. We use real instruments to record music (no midi in our studios!) and there are multiple approvals in this step to ensure the outcome is exactly what you want.

Lyric and Melody Creation Lyric and Melody Composition

Push Button’s lyric and melody writers develop some ideas using information gathered on the creative brief call. Those are presented to you and worked on until approved. A demo singer is then used to place vocals on the piece and get approval to move into the final stages.

Vocalist Casting and Final Recording Vocalist Casting and Final Recording

Demos are sent to you and your team to review and select the final vocalist for their piece. Once you have selected the singer, we record the final vocal tracks and mix all the elements together so you can approve it.

Finishing Touches The Finishing Touches

Once the final demo is approved with the vocalist, we complete the process by creating various 60, 30, and 15 second versions of the production. Final sweetening is done and the production is ready to be put on the air!

Why Are Jingles So Effective For Your Ads?

Push Button Guy

Jingles are as American as Apple Pie – and everyone loves pie. There’s a lot of science behind why we love music and why it gets stuck in our heads (see our ‘request speaking engagement’ page and we’ll put on a clinic for you) but the short of it is, you have no choice but to be fully present and aware to process music. Your entire brain literally lights up in order to process the melody, beat, instruments, lyrics, etc. Combine that with different moments in your life and that’s why you can remember where you were when you heard the Coke jingle for the first time, or the Michael Jackson Pepsi jingle, or The Chevrolet Heartbeat of America jingle, etc. Essentially, combining music with a brand is powerful, which leads us to our next point…

Jingles are effective. So effective they’ve been a staple of advertising for over a century. Jingles are 90 times more effective at generating brand recognition through your neural circuit repetition—which is the same stuff that helped you learn how to speak as a baby.

Push Button Gal

A jingle that provides a short repetitive rhyme scheme, simple tune, and on-brand message will deliver quality impressions like nothing else can. If you’re considering a custom produced jingle, fill out the contact form at the top of the page and we’ll be in touch soon. Effective jingles are both an art and a science, and we’re ready to get started on yours.

Jingle Samples

HuHot Mongolian Grill – Go All Out

HuHot Mongolian Grill – Go All Out

Blanton’s Heating and Air

Blanton’s Heating and Air

Ron Jon Surf Shop

Ron Jon Surf Shop

Budget Blinds

Budget Blinds

Eye Level Learning Center

Eye Level Learning Center

Grease Monkey (English)

Grease Monkey (English)