Audio Gizmos Galore!

We offer a wide selection of audio services beyond the standard radio ad or jingle. We’ll create a signature sound, research and purchase your air time, keep your callers from dying of boredom (and keep you from losing leads) while on hold, compose some feel good brand music, produce your ads in Spanish, record voice talent around the world, and more! Check out the services below and contact us for any of your audio needs.

Media Buying

We can get the most out of your air time. Whether you’re advertising on a national or local market media schedule–we have the resources to get it done quickly and efficiently.

With our unique research and reporting systems, we understand your product and audience. If you demand a strong ROI with industry-leading placement and reporting, contact us. With top notch research, Push Button’s creative, and high production quality, you can see why we have a team that’s hard to beat.

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Audio Logos

Audio logos are a short signature sound for your business that quickly brands your business – just like your visual logo does in print. Some examples include McDonald’s “Ba-da-pa-pa-pah” and NBC’s famous chimes. Over time, we’ve found that people know they need this, but they just weren’t sure what to call it. The best part is all of Push Button’s audio logos are custom-created to guarantee exclusivity in the marketplace.

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Brand Music

Brand music–unlike a jingle–is a composition that conveys a brand’s energy in a long-form music piece. It represents your brand’s tone while keeping all pieces of your brand’s audio consistent. The piece can be used as background music in corporate videos, conference presentations, website videos, ads, on your YouTube channel and more. We take time to explore different avenues for creativity and ultimately develop a piece that speaks for your brand.

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Audio Rebranding
Sound Language

Creative On-Hold

Nearly 70% of business callers are placed on hold during their first interaction with a company–and one out of every three people who hang up while on hold will never call you back. Avoid losing leads with creative on hold! Tell stories, give product information, create a custom music piece and more. On hold is a golden opportunity to demonstrate your company’s humorous side or commitment to high quality.

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TV Audio

Getting television audio to hit the mark is no easy feat. We search near and far to capture the right voice, who both speaks to your audience and emulates your brand personality. From there, we incorporate elements that bring your television spot to life. Quality music production and sound design elements can be the difference between a commercial that makes an impact and one that falls flat.

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Foreign Language Production

This audio es muy caliente! Targeting your audience in their native language lets even a small segment of your client base know that you care about their culture and way of life. Push Button’s international voice talent and script writers can speak to your clients in their native language with the right inflection and tone to effectively represent your brand as you intend. Translations are also available upon request.

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Casting / Voice Over / ISDN / Source Connect

Our studios are ready to record nearly any talent on earth. You can dial in, listen and direct talent in full broadcast quality. Or if you live near Orlando, feel free to swing by our studio and direct the talent in-house! Recording the best voice actors (no matter where they may be) is critical to making your project pure perfection. We provide custom auditions and guarantee broadcast quality recordings.

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Focused, yet sensitive. Firm, yet encouraging.

Script Writing / Creative Development / Production

Push Button has written thousands of commercials, and that gives us a leg up when it comes to developing creative concepts and executing them. Different advertising mediums have different limitations and not everything translates as you intended. So, whether it’s your next radio or television campaign, a catchy jingle, your sales presentation or even a brochure, you can trust the Push Button team to get the message across effectively.

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Radio Ads

Whether you’re looking to get started or elevate your current audio brand, our team scripts and produces radio ads with creative concepts, high quality audio and the perfect brand voice that’ll get you noticed and stand out among the competition.

Go Treat Your Ears


A fact of life: catchy songs get stuck in your head. So, what better way to gain brand recognition than with a catchy song? Get hooked up with custom music, lyrics, and vocals that’ll have everyone singing your brand’s personalized tune.

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