Looking at the Best Radio Trends of 2017

2017 has been a great year for radio and radio lovers alike.  With new ways that stations and advertisers can communicate with their consumers, the radio industry is at an all-time high. There have been many radio trends in 2017 that we loved and we wanted to share some of our top picks.  These radio trends are what people are listening to, how they are listening to it, and some factors on how things can affect the content we listen to. Let’s start with the facts.  Radio still reaches more people than any other medium according to Nielsen; 93% of American adults to be exact. Read More

What Separates a Commercial Jingle and a Pop Song?

The process of making a club hit and the perfect commercial jingle aren’t that different. Both require knowledge about timing and having an ear for catchiness. Both are made by professional composers and songwriters. Both are very likely to get stuck in your head for years to come. And guess what else? Barry Manilow made commercial jingles before he ever made popular music.

The difference is this: commercial jingles are selling a brand and product or service directly to the listener–Kit Kat bars, insurance, a phone number to call after spilling something on your carpet. Popular music sells the artist’s brand and an identifier for the listener.

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Streaming Media May Be More Lucrative Than AM/FM Radio for Advertisers

A new study reveals that you should spend your next advertising dollars on streaming media as opposed to AM/FM radio. While traditional radio advertising still is effective it’s not optimal. Casual radio listeners switch between stations as the ads come on and are often tuned out from them. Studies estimate that as many as 70% of listeners do not pay attention to the ads on AM/FM radio. Not an ideal situation for companies spending their hard earned money looking to get a return on that investment.

On the other hand, streaming media has a targeted audience that’s much more engaged with the thing they are listening to.

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Radio Advertising Up 24% in November

If you think radio advertising is dead, you are mistaken. According to Standard Media Index, radio revenue was up 24% in November compared to one year ago. Standard Media Index has stated that the entire advertising market had a great November growing by more than 23%.

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