Building a Brand without Giving Everything Away For Free

Push Button Blog

Interested in building a brand that customers can trust, but don’t want to share too much? Here are a few tips on how to strike the right balance:

Emotional connection: don’t focus only on giving away information to your potential customers. Also give some thought to creating an emotional connection via storytelling, or perhaps sharing your own personal reasons for getting into the business.

Don’t fear giving away too much: you should not sit around worrying all day about how much information you are giving away. Give info naturally so that potential customers can begin to trust you and the sales will flood in shortly afterwards. Some customers might make a purchase as a way of saying “thanks” for giving away so much useful information.

Give only part of the story: when giving away information you can talk about the why and the where, but not the how. This will work in your favor, because they’ll only have a piece of the puzzle and understand that they need to opt for your services to get the whole picture.

Share supplemental info: focus on sharing the kind of information that you might not package up in your services and products, yet is useful to know for the average customer. This could be a set of myths related to your industry, or an article on how to spot useful products.