A Look in a Jingle Writer’s Day

As jingle writers, we have a detailed process for every client. Each jingle starts with a brief. Acreative brief is the research put in your company so that each jingle is guaranteed to be unique and on point with your brand and goals. History, brand voice, competitor research—it’s important the brief covers it all, so your jingle is as true to your company as possible.

When the first jingle writers scripted the lyrics for the “Wheaties Quartet,” they had no idea just how successful it would be. They sang their praises to the General Mills cereal on Christmas Eve, 1926, creating the first modern “jingle.” The song was such a hit, it sparked the sale of Wheaties country-wide and prevented them from being discontinued!

How do jingle writers make a tune so catchy? Rhyme, repetition, and simple language is the key. The goal is to inspire brand recognition and recall.All good jingle writers know that a catchy tune comes down to science and your brain. The phonological loop consists of your inner ear remembering sounds and your articulatory rehearsal system repeating back loops in your brain. In layman’s terms—the easier it is to remember, the more successful it will be.

Our jingle writers comb over every word meticulously to create the perfect rhythm and rhyme that showcases your brand’s personality. Since jingles are short, it’s important to get it right in such few words. But that doesn’t mean we get it right the first time—jingle writers put in work to write, edit, rewrite and perfect a quality tune. The time put into each jingle shows. Once everything has been scripted, approved and produced, it’s ready to rock on the radio and you have a jingle your brand can be proud of.