Sound is language, learn to speak it!

Push Button Blog

The tune of the ice cream truck. The sound of church bells. The Apple iPhone ringtone. We hear certain sounds and associate them with brands, memories and feelings.

Your brand may have a visual presence with a logo and color scheme, but does it have an equally strong audio presence? In today’s saturated market, brands need to differentiate–audio branding is a tool you can use to strengthen your brand identity and awareness among consumers.

Humans are highly visual, but sound is much more powerful. A visual doesn’t ring in the mind of the consumer, stuck in his head for days, like a well composed jingle can.

The consumer can shut his eyes, but he can’t shut his ears. Many Americans now look at their smartphones during television commercial breaks. The consumer may never see your commercial or your logo–but they’ll hear the sound of an audio logo or brand music and know it’s you.

Think about your target audience. Are you selling a pick up truck? What kind of music do you think people buying pick up trucks listen to? You can cater to your demographic by utilizing the music they like, and by using sounds that will spark their interest.

By utilizing brand music in your radio commercial, you essentially keep the flow. You aren’t interrupting the music consumers are listening to–you’re joining in on it. Ever heard those Bluebell radio commercials? They sound like actual songs. I let them play all the way through. (Psst…we can help you create your own original brand music.)

So, what does your brand sound like? Is it perky and upbeat? Slow and luxurious? Is it instrumental or techno? Sound is a language all of it’s own. Use it to communicate your brand’s feel.