Is Professional Production Worth the Money?

Push Button Blog
Not all ads are created equal. You see this on your way to work, listening to the radio—some of the commercials you hear are great advertisements, capturing your attention and entertaining you as you curse whoever just cut you off. The rest of them tend to run together as ambient noise between blocks of music. The average commute to work takes 26 minutes each way: that’s nearly an hour of a potential customer’s day. You can fill that radio space with ho-hum advertising, or you can create something that stands out.

It may be tempting to take the cheapest option and get an ad through a radio station with a small price tag. It’ll be simple: a quick prose on your company and maybe a background track for good measure. But, like almost anything else, the venn diagram of things that are done cheaply and done well are two circles that rarely overlap.

Let’s say you buy a 30 second spot. You have half a minute to draw in your listener and blow them away. It’s also sandwiched between your competitors’ spots. While you may get a bargain from a radio station willing to produce your ad, you’re getting a most likely forgettable product. In a 50 minute total commute, your 30 second moment is 1% of their drive. The airtime that you pay for is irrelevant if what you put in it doesn’t stick with your listener once they get home. This is exactly why professional production is worth your investment: a professionally crafted ad is memorable!

The most successful advertising campaigns are creative and engaging. They’re the ones that you’re talking about when you get to work because you know that your coworkers heard the same thing on their commute. They’re the jingles that stick in your head long after you turn off the radio. With the help of a professional audio shop, those 30 seconds are filled with engaging characters, the perfect background music, professional voice talent, professionally written copy, and professional audio—the constant? Professional quality.

Just having a radio station produce the advertisement they’re going to air later is like just having your wedding cake designer take wedding photos—just because he’s already there and he’s seen a lot of weddings in his day doesn’t mean he can create the same professional result you would get from a great wedding photographer. You get what you pay for. When you invest in a professionally produced ad, you’re getting more than just higher audio quality. You’re getting all of the added touches of increased production value that will make your advertisement stand out in the monotony of rush hour traffic. If you only have half of a minute of your customer’s time, why wouldn’t you put it in the hands of professionals?