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The average person spends around 13 hours on hold every year. That’s a boat-load of time that could be better spent knitting a nice sweater or counting the number of ceiling tiles in your office.

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Exults delivers excellent results as a digital marketing firm, but their on-hold left something to be desired.

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Creative On-hold

Don’t Leave Callers Hanging

You spend your marketing and advertising efforts trying to get people to call. But what happens when they do? Nearly 70% of business callers are placed on hold during their first interaction with a company– and one out of every three people who hang up while on hold will never call back.

So, how do you avoid losing leads and keep your customers entertained while they’re waiting? With creative on hold messaging! You can tell stories, give product information, create a custom music piece, sing funny songs and more. In fact, by mentioning a product in on hold messaging, businesses experience a 20% increase in requests for additional information regarding that product.

On hold is a golden opportunity to demonstrate your company’s humorous side or commitment to high quality. Whatever the brand, on-hold messaging can effectively differentiate it from the competition. Jam out to the samples above and start creating customers out of callers!